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Moritz Lager - Barcelona

Spain's best beer available now!
perfect all year round


When Louis Moritz, one of the pioneers of the Catalan beer industry, arrived to Barcelona in 1851, he brought something that he had learned from his native Alsace: the art of the 'brassage', the art of making beer. Its formula and unmistakable touch of authenticity, brought directly from Alsace, passed on from parents to children during the decades. Currently, his descendants are in charge of their predecessor, making beer according to the best Alsatian tradition.

Moritz beer is made by cooking pale ales, and using water from the Font d'Or in the Montseny-Guilleries massif that belongs to the Vichy Catalan company, with which Cervesas Moritz has reached an agreement for the water supply to be sent directly from Montseny springs. Also, the beer is perfumed with an infusion of aromatic hops flowers from Saaz (Czech Republic), that give it a characteristics and extraordinary aroma.

In short, Moritz is a beer with a very special flavour that brings together the experience inherited by the founder and the successive beer maestros of the company to, through the traditional production method, offer a unique and authentic flavour.


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